the team

Luke King Racing Team Members (LKR) - Luke’s team are all long time friends and trusted contacts

Brad king

Luke’s father Brad is an integral part of the team and is responsible for the racing blood running through Luke’s veins. Brad established himself as a highly talented engine builder at an early age, playing an instrumental part for the Moffat Ford Dealer Team 1-2 famous at Mt Panorama, John Goss’s two Bathurst victories, Colin Bond in the Caltex Sierra days along with a stint at America’s motorsport pinnacle NASCAR, just to name  a few. Brad’s expertise in engineering and his contacts in the industry have played a vital role in setting Luke up as knowledgeable and respected driver across all aspects of the industry.

CHRIS Hildebrandt

Chris Hildebrandt is a highly talented software designer and problem solver, specialising in many unique applications. Luke’s motorsport endeavours is one of those. Chris runs Luke’s data management systems providing key tech support and analysis. Chris’s passion for cars and his IT talent make for a perfect team member in LKR. Luke has known Chris for over 10 years.

Steve Cook

A Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME) by trade, Steve works as an engineer, mechanic, transporter and all round team member for Luke and became involved in Luke’s career towards the end of his time in Karting. Working with Brad at Hawker Pacific Aviation, Steve has been a rock for the team pulling them out of any sticky situation. Steve’s experience as an Australian Superbike rider has also proved to be invaluable when Luke is learning new tracks or brainstorming on how he can tackle a circuit in a different way.